Juerg Dreamturtle

Let us create the dream of our heart 
of love, freedom, harmony, 
well-being and a Sacred Life 
with all people and Mother Earth


Juerg Dreamturtle


Juerg travels to offer soul wisdom
for people, families, communities,

leaders, cultures and nations

to heal and grow in love, compassion,

well-being, harmony and self-sufficiency.

A native of Bern in Switzerland and a New Zealander, 

Juerg shares through his book "Sacred Journey", talks, paintings, 
interviews, consultancy, workshops and sessions.


Juerg Dreamturtle is a strong advocate and speaker 
for the rights of indigenous and nomadic people.



"Juerg offers love and soul wisdom 
from his journey
to help us feel, heal and grow 
a Sacred Life in harmony with our heart, 
all people and Mother Earth."



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Watch Juerg's latest video on vimeo: "What would I do if I had cancer?"

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"Love Family", Juerg Dreamturtle 2005




Juerg offers support and guidance for children, teenagers, adults,
elders, families, leaders, councils, communities and nations 
to heal and grow towards love, peace, self-reliance and well-being
in harmony with all people, cultures and Mother Earth.

He is available for private sessions, talks, interviews, gatherings,
sharings, guidance and consultancy by phone or in person.

Jaymie Elder and Juerg are also creating books for children and adults.
They love to gather and cook wild plants, fruits, seeds and mushrooms
and share with people, families and communities of all cultures.



Please write to us if you are interested in our work and sharing
you would like to support our work or make a donation.

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