Wanting “enlightenment” or “wisdom” 
from a “teacher” is not why we are here!


Many people simply want to "get wisdom" from a spiritual teacher, famous person, guru, etc.. They hope to “get enlightened”, “be in the now” (i.e. escape everything, which is unpleasant), “be love” or even return to spirit!

But of course we are here for a different reason, and it is a reason chosen 
by all of us: 

Conscious experience, sharing and growth!

For many years, when I was young, 
I wanted to believe too, that it is simply 
a matter of growing towards “love” – to become  
“love” and be true to “love”. I did not realize then 
that I was in truth still very wounded myself, 
and this was really my “wishful thinking”, rather 
than truly feeling love. It was a way for me to “survive” 
and instead of embracing the feeling of the unpleasant in myself and 
truly working on healing and feeling love, completely and 
deeply for every experience and person in my life.

Many people want to “learn” from the teachers, etc. who in turn also have learnt from their teachers, or who quote old scriptures from teachers who have lived on the earth hundreds of years ago.

These teachers may come across as being very wise, but in truth quote “wisdom”, which is not theirs (!).

True wisdom can only come from our own experiences, not from reading books, or from attending a talk. Sure, these can help us to become more conscious, but then we are here to do our own healing, feeling, sharing, growing and LIVING our own life – and ultimately our Sacred Life in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.

Nobody can give us “growth”, or wisdom. 
We are not here to “know”, we are here to feel and grow. 
And we can only feel based on our own experiences. 
And that is what our journey over many lifetimes 
on the earth is all about.

The truth is that we have not come to simply “be love”
(for that we can stay in the realm of spirit!). 

We have come to experience, heal, share and consciously grow!

Again, “stillness of mind” (i.e. not feeling anger, hurt, fear, uncomfortable feelings) is NOT the same as truly, deeply feeling love for every person and experience in our life!

We can experience and feel many different levels of “love” (or stillness of mind...).



How much can we truly feel, when we have not really healed our 
many unpleasant experiences in our life?

Forgetting our unpleasant experiences, 
burying them, “stilling” them, does NOT mean 
we have healed them!

Healing means feeling love and compassion, completely, 
deeply for the e.g. the father, who has “given” us these 
unpleasant experiences. Only then will we be free 
to live our Sacred Life.

How much “love” do we truly feel, if we do not 
unconditionally, deeply love our own children, parents, 
if we have no lover, no truly, deeply (heart, spirit, soul, body)
loving relationship, if we do not truly love our work, 
and we do not truly live our Sacred Life in harmony 
with all people and Mother Earth?


Sure, we can learn to still our mind, through discipline and practices (such as study of scriptures, chanting, meditation, fasting, etc. etc.), but that is simply absence of anger, hurt, fear in our MIND!

That is not the deepest level of love we can feel, be and share on the earth! 

We can only feel love in our HEART!

To be able to deeply feel love and compassion, we must heal every experience and relationship in our life.

Some "teachers" (or should I say "researchers" 
of other people's wisdom and experiences) 
such as Ekhart Tolle, the teachers of "the Secret", 
and many others, actually sell us "solutions", 
which take us away from growing towards healing, 
love, compassion and our Sacred Life!  

But of course even this is "perfect" 
as we are also here to learn to discern 
what is in harmony with our heart and 
growing towards feeling and sharing of love, 
compassion, true being and our Sacred Life.

As we embrace our own healing, we grow more and more towards love, compassion, harmony, peace, freedom and our Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth.

Let us listen to those teachers, who truly live 
and FEEL love and compassion - who live their Sacred Life 
in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.

Let us listen to teachers who not simply research, learn and recite wisdom from others, and who may use the words of “love”, “God”, but do not truly feel, live and share love and their Sacred Life.

Let us choose teachers (religious leaders, etc.) who truly feel love for every person and experience in their life (including their own father and mother, children) and all the people in the world, and who feel a deep love and reverence for all of 
Mother Earth.

Teachers who themselves are devoted to feel, heal, live and share their heart, love, compassion and Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth.

Let us embrace and honour our own journey, 
where we have many opportunities to grow 
towards a deeper level of feeling, being and 
sharing love, compassion and our true self 
– and our Sacred Life with all people 
and Mother Earth


Are we ready?


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