My Grandfather “Ofavi” taught me much about the forest, especially trees, edible and medicinal plants in the wild, the healing energy of Mother Earth, natural healing and healthy foods. He practiced the headstand (yoga) and as much as possible, walked barefoot on grass until his late eighties. He was a very loving, feeling and gentle man, always with a warm, healing smile and kind words. His beautiful energy touched the hearts of people on his  many walks. 

My Grandmother "Grossmama" lived a very humble, yet full life until she peacefully returned to spirit at the age of 99 years. She was one of the oldest women to complete 7 – 8 hour mountain hiking trips in the “Berner Oberland” in her late 80's. She inspired me and many other people with her generous, loving heart, a life of simplicity, innocence, deep gratitude and reverence, honouring all living things, all things sacred and good.

My Grandfather’s sister Martha, one of nine children, grew up and lived until the age of 104 on their family farm in Switzerland. Even at her high age, she had a very clear mind, a beautiful, loving, gentle and generous heart and spirit. Both her and her other brothers (including my Grandfather) were also very cheeky and funny!

Her husband, Ueli, even at the age of 97 years, would continue to help on the family farm (where three or four generations would live on several floors of a typical Swiss, historical farmhouse) and get up every morning at 5 am. Moments later, he would be working in the stables, hayfork in hand, singing – with a big, heart-warming smile and twinkles in his eyes! 


Following her father (Ovafi), my mum was always very interested in healthy living and alternative medicine. She was a very gentle, loving and devoted mum. She was also very intuitive. However, she never truly felt and healed what was in her heart and life, and returned to spirit in 1991.

My dad had a very hurtful childhood. He has always been committed to do things very well. He used to have posters with inspiring quotes from Carl Jung in his office. I love him very much and will always treasure the times when we gathered wild mushrooms in the Swiss Emmenthal together. He (and my grandfather) have always loved to cook, which has inspired me as a man to cook without recipies
from an early age.

I am truly grateful for all the wonderful times I have been able to spend collecting wild berries, healing and edible herbs, mushrooms and flowers in the beautiful forests, meadows and mountains of Switzerland.

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