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Juerg Dreamturtle helps us to feel

 the truth in our heart and life.


He guides us to listen to the Sacred Messages

of our heart, mind, body, life - and Mother Earth.


He offers advice and support to grow and share 
in love, compassion, well-being and our Sacred Life

with all people and Mother Earth.




Juerg offers guidance for people and communities of many cultures 

to heal and grow towards love, well-being 

and a sustainable Sacred Life in harmony 

with others and Mother Earth. 

He provides support and advice for children, teenagers, adults, families, 
elders, schools, organisations, communities of both

indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.


Juerg shares through his book, workshops, private and group sessions, 
consultancy, talks, videos, radio, television and press interviews. 


Juerg has worked, lived and shared on five continents 

and travelled extensively in over 50 countries since 1975. 
A native of Switzerland and citizen of New Zealand, Juerg is fluent
in Swiss German, English, French and German. 

He also speaks some Spanish and Italian, and "bits"

of other languages he learnt in over 35 years of travel. 






Becoming Dreamturtle



Every since he was a boy, Juerg felt deeply connected with Native American people, 
and especially the ancient buffalo cultures.


Since his first extensive travels in the U.S. in 1979, Juerg has visited and worked with many indigenous people from as far north as St. Lawrence Island near Siberia, the caribou people north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska and as far south as the late Big Bill Neidjie, one of the spiritual guardians of Kakadu National Park, in Australia as well as Maori communities and elders in Southland, New Zealand.

In 1999, during one of his many journeys to share with spirit family amongst First Nations, Juerg was given the spirit name “Dreamturtle” (“Papeshpupe” in Blackfoot) by the late Buster Yellow Kidney - traditional Lakota Medicine Man who lived amongst the beautiful Blackfoot people of Browning, Montana.


Juerg returned from this journey to New Zealand and soon after his life drastically changed - except for his relationship to his children, his old life "disappeared", including his marriage, his share in the family home and his consulting company.


It was on the 28th of December 1999 that Juerg's full-time heart and soul "Dreamturtle" work began - or rather continued.





Creating and sharing with Jaymie Elder



Juerg and Jaymie met at a remote beach 

on the South Island of New Zealand in 2005. 


In the following years, Jaymie and Juerg shared and created 

much together, including Juerg's book "Sacred Journey".


 Apart from the devotion to their own healing and growing, they first travelled 
and offered support to people throughout New Zealand, 
often sleeping in their stationwagon. 

In the following years, they travelled and shared in many parts of Australia, 
East Timor and Indonesia.


After the sale of their retreat and many of their belongings, 
Juerg and Jaymie embarked on their nomadic journey in December 2009,
starting in Australia and continuing in the following years 
in North America, Europe and North Africa. 




Jaymie and Juerg continue their journey

of healing, growing and sharing 

amongst people and cultures 

in many parts of the world.

"Love is God", Juerg Dreamturtle 2002


more about Juerg's family - click here


“Dreamturtle Sun”, Juerg 1999

“Dreamturtle” calls us to honour the dream 

of our heart, soul and all of Creation - 

to heal, grow and create our Sacred Life

with all peoples, cultures and Mother Earth. 



I have always felt very close to 
American Indians, especially
the ancient

nomadic buffalo peoples of North America.

It is very sacred and a true blessing for me

 to have been able to share my dream

with elders, medicine people and leaders 
of many cultures and nations.



Special thanks to my spirit family 

amongst the beautiful Lakota 

and Blackfoot people of Turtle Island.



Working with Juerg



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