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you can meet our ancient and wise friend - Grandpa Dragon.



Grandpa Dragon


Portrait of Grandpa Dragon by Jaymie 2008 

Grandpa Dragon is a very ancient and wise teacher. He knows about many things because he and those before him have been on the earth for many thousands of years. Grandpa Dragon knows why we are here on the  earth, where we come from and where we will  one day go back to. 

He is also a great healer -  he helps people when they feel alone, sad, angry or they have an illness. He knows many  wild plants and herbs - those that are yummy to eat or which can help us to get better.

He understands that sometimes our life can be very difficult and he can help us to heal, learn and grow to create and share the dream of our heart.

Grandpa Dragon loves to make his own delicious hazelnut and wild berry ice-cream, which he stores in a special  corner at the very back of his cave, where the  winter ice never melts!

Once upon a time there were many ancient dragons on the earth, 
but now Grandpa Dragon is the only one.

He is therefore offering to share his wisdom with you, the loving children all over the world. While he cannot travel to all the places in the world, 
you can feel his love and wisdom through your open heart. 


Would you love to colour-in the portrait of grandpa dragon? 


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Grandpa Dragon 
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