Dreamturtle Circles:

Love, Healing and our Sacred Life with Mother Earth



Dreamturtle Mandala, 2008

Let us come together to share with our open hearts - let us feel

and heal the truth in our heart and life  – and create together 

a Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth. 



"We dream of gatherings
of peace, harmony and healing
for people and communities
of all cultures, races and religions.

We call for circles of peace, love and healing,

with sacred fires and drums.

We dream of gatherings of people of the heart,

 in all parts of the world,
devoted to healing and sharing 

in love, well-being and our Sacred Life
for the good of all people and Mother Earth”



“Love Family”, Juerg Dreamturtle 2003

Only through the healing of our heart and life - forgiveness, feeling love and compassion for all people and experiences in our life - can we become truly free. 

Only through our own healing and being true to our open, feeling heart

can we truly create a Sacred Life of love, harmony and well-being

with and for all people and Mother Earth.

We support our brothers and sisters of all cultures to feel and heal their heart, body and life – and grow towards peace, harmony, compassion and true well-being 
with all people and Mother Earth.

We offer support to indigenous and non-indigenous communities, nations, cultures, regions, etc. to heal and rebuild from the wounds of war, violence, abuse, injustice, prejudice, disease, loss of land, nomadic way of life, destruction of nature 

and our sacred life, marginalizing of spiritual, traditional values, etc.




Let us come together
to heal and share
our Sacred Life and journey
with all people and Mother Earth



“Heart Rose”, 2008


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