How does our heart "close"? How do we get "hurt"?


Our heart closes as a result of us experiencing "hurt". We all experience "hurt" when we do not feel a resonance of the love, which flows through us, from people we love.

As a baby or young child we get hurt when our heart is open and we feel love and the heart of our father and / or mother is closed (because they are hurt). 

Likewise, WE are hurting others, if their heart is open and they (e.g. our children) feel love for us and our heart is closed (because we are hurt).




"Child of Love", Juerg Dreamturtle 2001


Sure, we can experience "peace of mind", through meditation, being in nature, being with friends, listening to music we love, but it does not mean we have healed what is in us, and it does not mean we truly feel love!

Peace of mind simply means we do not feel anger, we do not feel fear, etc., during the time we are distracting ourselves or we manage to "control" or "calm" our mind.

When our heart is closed, we are ruled by our mind, as we cannot feel love in us, in others and in the world around us.

When our heart is closed, we are unable to feel true compassion for others.
When our heart is closed, we are unable to feel, share and co-create love with others.

It is not possible to open our heart with mind intention! We can only open our heart through connecting with what is longing to feel love in our heart!

For us to experience and co-create love, 
our heart must be open - so that we can feel and

transform what is in our heart and in our life  

longing for forgiveness, love and compassion 

for ALL people and ALL experiences of our life."




When our heart is closed, we are unable to feel love and compassion and therefore we feel separate from love, God and we experience "fear". 

We then use our mind to "survive" and be "in control" in a world of "fear" (a world where we cannot feel love and compassion because our heart is closed!).

In spirit (love, God, the energy of all), we communicate solely through FEELINGS.

Our feeling heart is our connection to this energy of love, God of all.



Kaikoura Sunrise, Jaymie Elder 2006




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