Healing and our Sacred Life (2008)

"Healing Sky", Juerg 2005


Let us not simply try to "still" our mind
and unpleasant mind-based emotions -
they are the manifestation of what longs 
for healing in our heart and our life!

Let us embrace our healing and growth
so that we can build together 

our Sacred Life with all people

and Mother Earth - Heaven on Earth.


We have chosen our journey on the earth, over many lifetimes, to feel and experience a rainbow of different energies of love, and "non-love". 

Through our heart, we can feel sadness (Sacred Sadness) and love. 

All other emotions we can only experience through our mind!

Why do we have a mind / 
mind emotions?

 Everything is part of the divine creation of all - 
even our mind and our unpleasant mind emotions! 

We have a mind, and unpleasant mind emotions, 
so that we can become conscious  
of where we are separate
from our feeling heart, from love, 
God and our Sacred Life (being) 
on our chosen journey on the earth.


When we feel separate from love and our heart, 

we come into our mind -
we feel hurt, angry, insecure, we judge,
we doubt, we try to "be in control", etc.

When we feel separate from our feeling heart, 
from love in ourselves and in others,
we come into our mind (fear), 
and then want to "achieve", "own", etc.


"Self", Juerg 2003

Without our human (unpleasant) mind emotions, 
we would not be able to experience - 
discern, learn, grow - become more conscious 
of the many different manifestations and consequences 
of our human experience of "separation" from 
love/God and our Sacred Life.


Our soul, energy, being, is always part of love, God of all.
But our soul has chosen this earth journey 
over many lifetimes, to learn, grow and experience

- both love and harmony and our Sacred Life -
how it is to feel separate from love 
and our open heart - and how we can then 
grow even more to heal and create  
Heaven on Earth.

Everything has a divine purpose.


Our mind emotions (and thoughts), 
our body, life, world and Mother Earth

show us (reflect / manifest) where we are 
and where we are not in whole harmony 
with the energy of love, God of all
 and our Sacred Life.

Only the unpleasant (person, situation, emotion) can create
OR trigger (!) what is unhealed and unpleasant in us!!

"Growing to Oness", Juerg 2001

So we need (!) and in fact, we attract and create 
(and often re-create over and over again)  
unpleasant emotions, situations and relationships 
on a soul / energy level. 
 We continue this until we become aware 
(conscious, can feel) and can heal
 what longs in our heart for love and our Sacred Life.

For our own healing and growing towards love and our Sacred Life on earth, and for the good of all people and Mother Earth, we must take responsibility for how we are feeling (instead of judging and reacting from our unhealed experiences).

The truth is, that mind and fear-based research and government programs 
can not resolve the problems in our life and our world. 

This is only possible through our own healing and growing 
(and helping others to grow) towards our Sacred Life 
in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.

In the U.S., for example:

The national health expenditure is about 2,000 billion dollars (!), and yet, 
with the most expensive health support (excluding 47 million people without health insurance), research and pharmaceutical companies in the world, 
over 54 % of people are overweight, half a million people die of cancer per year, one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year, 156 people every hour, 
while even more people die of of heart disease, etc. 

Millions of people in the developed world, simply manifest "wanting to forget" their separation from Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth, and what remains unhealed in their heart and life, through Alzheimer and Dementia.

Every dis-ease (and other disharmony) is a very precise messenger for what 
we have not healed in our own heart and life, and where we are not living (or not able to live) our Sacred Life in harmony with all people and Mother Earth

While the U.S. is spending $ 1200 billion per year on past and present military and security measures, (more than the rest of the world combined) the U.S. has the largest prison population of 2.3 million people at home, 1.3 million homeless people and 37 million people who are poor.

In the World, for example:

World Agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today, than 30 years ago, despite a 70 % population increase. This would be enough to provide every human being with 2,720 calories per day.

According to the World Health Organization there are 1 billion overweight people in the world, while over 854 million people are undernourished and 982 million people live on less than 1 $ per day.

Five million children die each year from the consequences of poor nutrition.

After exploiting and destroying much of the Sacred Life over centuries, 
(by the "civilized" world), Africa has 12 million Aids Orphans.

In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, 2 million people died of Aids in 2004 and 
a further 2 million of bad sanitation or bad water. 

Note: These are only a few examples and figures of recent years, to illustrate:

 Dis-eases and problems in our life and world 
cannot be solved only with mind-based
funding and intervention programs. 

To solve these and all other problems 
in our life and in the world, 
we must also heal our own heart 
and together build and share our Sacred Life 
with all people and Mother Earth.

At the beginning of each life of our earth journey, our evolving soul chooses the core experiences, parents, place of birth, life circumstances, etc. for us to be able to continue to grow - and to help our soul family 
to experience and grow!

Some of the most amazing, ancient, self-less 
souls on the earth  (and in spirit), 
are enduring a very challenging life journey -
to offer their (often not so ancient) soul family 
the opportunity to become more conscious, 
to feel and heal their heart and 
grow towards sharing their Sacred Life 
with all people  and Mother Earth.

How many hundreds of millions of people
have to suffer, starve, die of Aids,
before we (who are much more comfortable) 
are finally ready to heal, grow and share 
love and our Sacred Life 
with all people and Mother Earth???

"Love Family", Juerg 2002

For thousands of years, in our "civilized world", many people who had become separate from their feeling heart and Mother Earth, did not embrace such opportunities, because they did not know how to heal themselves. And so they remained separate from their feeling heart and Sacred Life with all people and
Mother Earth.

These people then chose actions based on their unhealed experiences and closed heart, and ended up hurting or even destroying other people, (some of them, millions of people) and much of the natural paradise on the earth. 

But, while what they have done to others (e.g. native people) was atrocious, they themselves were living in the prison of their own unhealed emotions and experiences, a life of fear - devoid and separate from love, compassion, nurturing, nourishing, of feeling much at all in the heart, devoid of
experiencing and sharing their love and Sacred Life.

But all remains part of the divine of all.

Take the father who is wounded and hurts his own son.

These unpleasant experiences (feelings, emotions) 
then offer the motivation (energy) for the son 
to grow more towards love, compassion, wisdom,
his true self and his Sacred Life
in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.

"Where are You?", Juerg 2002

The father of course, is in a very lonely place himself,
where, because of his own past hurtful experiences - he is
unable to feel real love and compassion for others or himself!!

The father is hurt, because of the hurtful experiences with e.g. his father and or mother (which, when unhealed, then later are re-lived in various forms with other people and relationships). His father in turn was also hurt, because of the hurtful experiences with his father and or mother, etc.

The only way for us to heal the long chain 
of wounded families 
over many generations 
(since we became separate from our Sacred Life!), 
is to feel and heal what is in us -
in our own heart and life!

And then for us to be truly devoted to live and share
our Sacred Life
with all people and Mother Earth.

Otherwise, WE will pass on our own unhealed experiences to our children, and they (unless they heal themselves) to theirs, etc.

When we are feeling and healing what is in us, we can help to heal the entire chain of wounded families and generations and then no longer pass on our own unhealed experiences to our children, grand-children, etc.

Of course, we always have a choice. 

If we do not embrace the many opportunities 
to feel, heal, share and grow - 
then our body, our emotions and feelings, 
our relationships, our life and Mother Earth 
will show us!

This is the time for us to truly, deeply
heal and grow to love and our Sacred Life
with all people and Mother Earth.

Are we ready?

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