Why? Because the beautiful teachings of Jesus about Love, brotherhood, peace and Mother Earth were in complete contradiction with the foundation of the Roman Empire, which was largely built on military power, warfare, slavery, oppression of peoples 
and exploitation of Mother Earth. 

The removal of these sacred quotes and gospels then lead to the deity Pan (pan means "all") representing "paganism", freedom of spirit, woman and love of nature- being turned into "evil" (the reverse means "live").  While the sacred feminine was honoured in many parts of the world, orthodox Jews of the early church such as Saint Augustine of Hippo taught that women had no soul - women were of no account, only to serve men. Mary Magdalene, of royal blood, from the house of Benjamin, was turned into a "prostitute". This was followed by the destruction of the (pagan) Sacred Feminine (as well as Mother Earth) all over the world - largely justified with the "Sin of Eve" - declared (by a male church) as reason, humans were thrown out of the Garden of Eden.  

In truth, it was the very organizations, conquerors and governments claiming to represent the teachings of Christ, which acted in complete contradiction to his teachings of love, compassion, brotherhood, peace and harmony with Mother Earth. They have separated us for almost 1700 years from the truth and destroyed millions of people and thousands of cultures which have lived much more in harmony with these beautiful teachings of Christ.

"I truly tell you, it profits you not at all that you pore
over dead scriptures if by your deeds you deny him
who has given you the scriptures"

Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ

“You see the mote in your brothers eye, 
but you do not see the beam in your own eye" 

Gospel of Thomas

As does the wounded father - despite his good intentions - end up hurting his own son or daughter (unless the father can heal his own heart and life), people (church, kings, conquerors, explorers, governments) who had become separate from love and their Sacred Life in Europe, ended up destroying the Sacred Life of thousands of indigenous cultures as well as much of the natural paradise in 
North and South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand 
and other parts of the earth.

This, mainly through warfare and diseases (as a result of being separate from love and Sacred Life), mostly "in the name of God", bringing death or slavery to tens of millions, oppression and fear to hundreds of millions of people and genocide to some 6,000 thousand native cultures (National Geographic) all over the world, persecution, often rape, torture, and ultimately death to an estimated 12 - 18 million people in Europe, i.e. 40'000 - 60,000 people each year, mainly healers, midwives, herbalists, clairvoyants, astrologers, etc. during 300 years of Spanish Inquisition, centuries of slavery, colonialism, etc. and continues today, in a more subtle way, with "free trade", property development, investment, "aid" and other "beneficial projects" by the World Bank, etc. 

No wonder many in the church say to their members "we are all sinners" - yes, many leaders and members of churches, governments, corporations, etc. have acted (and still act) in complete contradiction to the beautiful, original teachings of Jesus about love, compassion, peace, brotherhood and Mother Earth. 

They manifest the consequences of their own energy, actions and separation from love, compassion and harmony with all people and Mother Earth, e.g. in their own fears and bleak view of the world (reflection of their own unhealed life), in their body (cancer, heart- disease, Alzheimer, etc.), emotions and feelings (incl. fear to feel the truth), in their life, lack of true heart love in their relationships, balancing of Mother Earth and in the world.

One", by Juerg and Jaymie 2008