About Juerg Dreamturtle (2002)


Juerg Dreamturtle is a Native of Switzerland where people have been living for thousands of years in harmony with the mountains, herbs, the land. Both Juerg's Grandmother and Grandfather were very interested in natural medicine, natural healing, herbs, wild food, etc. and inspired him 
from an early age. 

Juerg was initiated in Reijki I - III in the early 1980's. He has also studied and practiced many healing, meditation and other techniques.

Since 1979, Juerg Dreamturtle has visited and worked with many indigenous people from the caribou people north of the Arctic Circle to the spiritual guardian of Arnhemland in Australia, many indigenous and non-indigenous elders, healers such as Grandfather Martin, the keeper of the sacred stone of the Hopi, Vickie Eagle Elk, the late Buster Yellow Kidney who has given Juerg his spirit name "Papeschpupe, which means Dreamturtle in Blackfoot, Dr. Pankaj who has worked with the Dalai Lama, Dr. Ram who has worked with Mahatma Ghandi and many others.

Working with many healers, studying many forms of modern and alternative forms of healing, Juerg Dreamturtle realized that it is not just about "removing" the hurt, the dis-ease which is really the messenger, but also about recognizing that the same represents an opportunity to grow towards love and whole Self. When we ourselves as healers, teachers, doctors, etc. are hurt, we focus on "removing" the dis-ease, illness, hurt, etc. As we heal ourselves, we realize that it is about growing towards love and our whole Self and we recognize the sacred purpose/opportunity
of every experience and relationship.

Juerg feels intuitively the feelings in our heart, and what dis-eases, illnesses, imbalances, hurt, sadness, anger are connected to and trying to tell us, and he helps us to grow towards love and whole Self. He also teaches us how we can be one with love, God in all of Creation, nature, trees, the ocean, birds, animals, rain, etc. and that spirit, 
God is present everywhere.

Juerg believes that we are all a channel for love (God, spirit) and as we grow towards love and whole Self, all of the wisdom, love, creativity, abundance of all of Creation flows through us. Juerg Dreamturtle has carried a magazine article with a colourful Australian Aboriginal painting he loves for many years, thinking, how wonderful it would be to be able to paint like that.....At the end of 2001 he was told by one of his guides, White Eagle, that he should paint. "But I don't know how", Juerg said. "You just go and do it", spirit said. "But I can't". "Just do it". 
And so he did. Some of these paintings are shown on this web-site.

Apart from many other experiences, the paintings have shown Juerg Dreamturtle that we all are this channel of love and God and he is offering himself in the same way in his talks, workshops and private sessions.

He helps people of all races, religions and ages in many parts of the world to be true to themselves and live the dream of their heart and soul and to grow from sadness, hurt, anger, dis-eases, illnesses, fear, etc. to conscious love, compassion, wisdom, whole Self - "Being Love".