Are we ready?

Are we ready to be free?
 Are we ready to heal and feel our heart?
Are we ready to feel and share love?
Are we ready to be true to our heart?
Are we ready to be honest with ourselves?
Are we ready to forgive others and ourselves?
Are we ready to heal our broken trust 
and venture into the unknown?

Are we ready?

Are we ready to make truth and love
our utmost priority?
Are we ready to be humble?
Are we ready to respect others?
Are we ready to be loved and to love your Self?
Are we ready to say yes to 
what we have come here to do?

Are we ready to feel and heal?

 Are we ready to be One with all living things,
feeling their love for us
and our love for them?

Are we ready to be equal to all people
and all living things?

Are we ready to be One with ourselves,
One with all people
and One with all of Creation?

Are we ready?

Are we ready to heal, grow and share
our love and whole Self?


Yes? Let us begin!

How can we work with you?

Please write to me
if you would like to work with Juerg, either for one or several private sessions, on an on-going basis - if you would like to facilitate, organize a public talk, workshop, weekend retreat or you know of a radio or TV host who may be interested in the Dreamturtle work, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.


How can we get Dreamturtle support?

Through individual sessions, group sessions, public talks, workshops, 
in person, internet, by telephone, on the radio, TV, etc.


How much time does a personal session / relationship 
with Dreamturtle involve?

This depends on the person and the circumstances. 
From 20 minutes to 2 hours.


What happens in a private session with Dreamturtle?

I intuitively feel what each person carries in their heart in terms of emotions, feelings, longing, fears, doubts, not feeling worthy, anger, hurt, sadness, etc. I also feel how they relate to past experiences, relationships, family, etc. I feel the feelings of the mother, father, their mother, etc. Sometimes, we also carry feelings, which in fact are the feelings of one or both of our parents, because we are connected to them through love. I also feel what is behind our disease, accident, disharmony, or some weakness in the body, e.g. liver, heart, kidneys, back, neck pain, etc. which all are trying to show us what unhealed feelings, emotions we carry, where we are not in harmony with our true Self, our true life, etc.

I can help the person to see, feel, understand what the key areas are in us (in our heart), which are currently preventing us to fully be love, to be whole Self and live our true life ("Sacred Life"). Each one of these feelings (non-love) are opportunities for us to grow towards love and whole Self.

I can help to understand why we are here, what we have chosen to learn, what life situations, experiences (which again we have chosen) have been trying - are trying - to show us how we can us to grow in our understanding and grow towards true Self and love.

I can show how we can grow towards love and whole Self in all aspects of our life, i.e. in our work, in our family live, partnership, with nature, etc.

Most of can be covered in the first session, which is like a new beginning, where we bring forth, feel, become aware of what is not love in us, why we have chosen the past unpleasant experiences (on a soul level), how they are trying to help us in terms of understanding, learning and growing towards love and true Self. The can show us what is not love in us and to encourage us to fully commit ourselves to and understand how to grow towards love and true Self, in harmony and respect with the love (God) 
in all people, all living things and all of Creation.

Can any dis-ease, illness be healed? 

We definitely have the opportunity to heal the area of non-love which has brought about the "dis-ease", etc. Whether or not we heal completely physically depends on how deeply you are prepared to do this work, our chosen journey (soul) and the extent of how much our body has already manifested the energy of what has longed for healing in our heart 
and life for so long. I have seen many beautiful miracles.


How can we support the work of Dreamturtle?

Through facilitating, organizing talks, events, etc. Through offering accommodation, travel support or a donation.

How can Dreamturtle be contacted?

As I often travel, the best way is to write to me here. 

I prefer to teach in nature,