What is Dreamturtle?

Dreamturtle is the guardian and keeper of my vision, my dream I have carried in my heart and soul for a long time, of all people living in harmony with love (God) in ourselves, in all people and in all of Creation.

Since 1999, Dreamturtle has also become my spirit name given to me by the late Buster Yellow Kidney, late medicine-man of the Blackfoot people in Montana. Buster has since moved on – I shall always be very grateful to him for giving me the Dreamturtle name in a ceremony at his house.

Why a Turtle?

Well, this was not a rational decision – the painting was inspired by an Australian Aboriginal painting depicting a spirit turtle and spirit hands which I purchased in about 1995. I just knew I had to buy it, when I saw it in an art gallery in Brisbane, Australia. I placed it above my sacred alter in my office and would say for years that this was my Dreamturtle and that she would help my find my way.

In 1999, before my trip to North America, where I visited many indigenous people, I wrote to my best friend Mario in Switzerland. " I" spontaneously painted the Dreamturtle picture on top of the letter. Before I mailed the letter, something called me to scan it into my computer.

When I went to the U.S. last year to visit many indigenous cultures, healers and friends, I made copies of the Dreamturtle picture and would give it to my friends – wishing, that Dreamturtle will help them find their dream and true path......

What is the meaning of the Dreamturtle?

Again, I did not “chose” the turtle rationally (rather “it” chose me..), but I know the turtle is there not by accident. Firstly, the turtle can be found in many regions of the world. The turtle represents Mother Earth for many indigenous people. For Native Americans, the turtle has created “turtle island” (North America). In India, the turtle is found in front of many temples and people can give the turtle their hurt, anger, impurities, etc. before entering the temple.

Buster Yellow Kidney said that while turtles are slow, they live to a very old age. Buster said turtles follow the sun (light). When one turtle falls over, other turtles will help it come back onto its feet. Their strong shield gives them excellent protection. Again, the path of the turtle is slow, but they always complete the journey.

Who has painted the Dreamturtle picture?

Well, I have held the paint brush..... Since then, many old medicine people, sages, etc. have told me about the significance of the painting.....

Would you like to paint more in the future?

Yes, I would love to paint original Dreamturtle paintings to create healing and creative energy in the home of people, in schools, etc. I have also painted “mandalas” for people.