Working with our Sacred Messages

Everything we experience which is not love, in an opportunity to grow more 

towards feeling, being and sharing love.

When our heart is closed (hurt), we continue to co-create 

with the energy of our emotions, our thoughts and actions 

what is not love and harmony in the world such as

wars, injustice, famine, disease, destruction of nature, etc..




Every experience, which we attract with our own energy (love and non-love), 
is either an opportunity to:

- share the level of love we can feel based on the healing 

we have or have not completed in ourselves or

- heal an emotion / experience in us, which then allows us to
feel and share more love and compassion for others



Golden Sun, Juerg Dreamturtle 2002



Of course, we all prefer to have only pleasant experiences  

but then we simply stagnate and miss the opportunity to heal 

and grow more towards love and true self. 

And so the energy in us will continue to call forth 

from the perfection of all the opportunity to transform 

an unhealed emotion and experience in us, which longs for healing 

through wisdom, forgiveness, love and compassion. 

Once we have healed a certain aspect, the energy in us then attracts 

and co-creates the triggers / messengers, which offers us the next opportunity 

to feel, heal and grow to an even deeper level of love and compassion and the creation of a Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth.

We are likely to try everything avoid feeling the truth in ourselves through going into nature, working, meditating, shopping, building a life, which is "perfect" for us, but affects other people and Mother Earth. Our heart then remains closed and we simply delay our further healing and growing towards feeling love 

and living in harmony with the good of all.

Every disease (cancer, diabetes, asthma, Aids, etc.), disharmony, challenge, unpleasant experience or relationship, accident, circumstance, situation and every mind-based emotion (hurt, anger, fear, etc.) is a messenger/opportunity.

Every messenger can help to show what is in us, longing to be healed and transformed to feeling, being and sharing love and where in our life we do not live our Sacred Life in harmony with our heart and the good of all.




It is our choice whether we listen to the messenger and 

we work through what is longing in our heart and life 

for love and truth - 


or we choose (consciously or unconsciously) to push away 

and avoid the opportunity to feel and 

 the truth in our own heart and life.




When we are hurt we function largely from the mind and not from an open, feeling heart as a result, we merely "EXIST" or "SURVIVE" in a world of the mind, i.e. of fear, judgment (the world our mind can "see", rather than the world, our heart can feel!)

When our heart is closed (hurt), we cannot feel whether a relationship, a job, a friendship, a choice, etc. is in true harmony with our heart and true self.

Until we have healed the many layers of our own wounded heart and life, we are "wounded healers" (doctors, therapists, experts, teachers, parents, police, judges, governments, etc.). We then focus on removing the messenger (wound) only in OTHERS not realizing that others wounds also trigger our own! This is unpleasant, and so we do everything to get rid of them (e.g. the criminals, people who are different, the headache, etc.), rather than to address, feel and help to heal 

what is the cause and at the core of the problem!).

When we are wounded, we act and react from a closed heart which in turn wounds others. Or we learn to suppress our true emotions and to put on a " mask".

People are hurting others because they are defending and reacting from their own wounded emotion / experience and protected, closed heart.




Each time we act or react from a wounded aspect in us, 

we fuel the wounded energy in us, in others and in all. 


The same happens when we deny or mask our emotional wounds!




Central Otago, Juerg Dreamturtle 2003

When we are hurt and we react to what we experience and see, we are not conscious of the fact that WE co-create the VERY SAME energy, which is behind "the trigger", i.e. the President who invades another country, the logger who cuts a native tree, the person who abuses an animal, the driver on the road, etc.

However, feeling "nothing" is also not the answer, as this does not co-create love and compassion in our life and in the world.




"When we truly feel love, it is impossible for us to "feel nothing!"




We cannot heal through our mind. Yes, understanding and accepting the parent who has hurt us, is important and it helps us to not feel so angry and hurt anymore but it does not mean we have forgiven and can truly feel love and compassion. 

Forgiveness does not mean to "forget", or to "let go" that is only a mind thought and not healing our heart and feeling love. 

Forgiveness and healing requires for us to feel love and compassion for e.g. the father and mother, our shared experiences and our related feelings and emotions. 




We have not truly forgiven, unless WE feel love and compassion 
for EVERY person and EVERY experience in our life.



My mind says "I am happy", but my heart says "I am sad"!

If we are not prepared to truly forgive, we are not able to feel our longing for love and forgiveness in our heart we are not able to feel our Sacred Sadness 

and our heart remains closed!

In order for us to open our heart and grow towards feeling, being and sharing love, we must allow ourselves to FEEL our Sacred Sadness.

Sacred Sadness is the golden thread for us to connect and transform with what is longing in our heart and life for forgiveness, love and compassion 

to the depth of our being.



We all have the longing to feel, heal and create our Sacred Life 

with our open, feeling and loving heart

for the good of all people and Mother Earth. 



In order to truly experience love and happiness, we must heal what is in our heart and life. We must then also be TRUE to what we have healed in our heart, with regard to every person and every aspect of our life. Only then will we be free and only then can we truly see and feel the perfection in all, every day.

As we consciously heal and grow towards feeling, being and sharing love and our Sacred Life, we are also helping others to feel and heal the truth in their heart 

and grow towards their Sacred Life 

in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.




"Love is God ", Juerg Dreamturtle 2002



As we work from our open, feeling and loving heart, 

we are growing as a conscious co-creator and vessel 

for the energy of love of all.



Over many lifetimes, we and our soul families help each other experience relationships, circumstances, challenges, emotions and feelings, 
which offer us the opportunities to experience, share and grow

towards love, compassion, soul wisdom and a Sacred Life

in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.




This is the time....



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