Sacred Journey - Annotation







Text and Paintings: Juerg Dreamturtle


Photographs and Design: Juerg Dreamturtle and Jaymie Elder


In “Sacred Journey”, Juerg Dreamturtle shares soul wisdom to help us grow towards love, harmony, well-being and our Sacred Life 

with others and Mother Earth.
Through his own simple quotations, teachings, paintings and photographs, Juerg encourages us to feel what longs for love and healing 

in our own heart and life.

"Many people long for more love. 

However, in truth we can only share as much love, 

 as WE can feel in our own heart and life.
There are many layers and depths to healing, forgiveness and love. 

Our capacity to feel and share love is based on our loving experiences 

as well as the healing of our hurtful experiences.
We can only heal, what we allow ourselves to feel. 

We often do anything to avoid feeling the truth 

in our own heart and life. 
Every day, sacred messages of our heart, mind, body and life can help us 

to grow more towards love, soul wisdom and our Sacred Life 

with others and Mother Earth. 

As we heal our heart and life, we grow beyond the world of fear, 

judgment and separation of our mind – 

we are ready to honour, create and share 

the dream of our heart and soul."



About the author / publisher: 


Juerg Dreamturtle travels extensively to share through 

his book, paintings, photographs, workshops, private and group sessions, consultancy, talks, videos, radio, television and press interviews. 


He offers guidance for people, communities and nations of many cultures 

to heal and grow towards love, well-being 

and a sustainable Sacred Life in harmony 

with others and Mother Earth. 

Juerg provides support and advice for children, teenagers, adults, families, elders, schools, communities,organisations, communities of both

indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.
A native of Switzerland and citizen of New Zealand, Juerg is fluent in 

Swiss German, English, French and German. 

He also speaks some Spanish and Italian, and "bits"

of other languages he learnt in over 35 years of travel. 




Juerg Dreamturtle and Jaymie Elder provide personal guidance and inspiration through intuitive readings, sessions, interviews, workshops, gatherings
and other venues.
Jaymie and Juerg love to honour Mother Earth

amongst people of many cultures through gathering

and cooking with wild foods, herbs and mushrooms. 


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