Supporting/sharing with elders, healers 
and communities of all cultures

Healing space, Ida Valley


Traditional healing techniques were used successfully for thousands of 
years, when people and communities were still living their sacred life, 
in harmony with their heart, community, spirit and Mother Earth.


The ancient ones
and especially Nomadic people
such as hundreds of Aboriginal cultures 
in Australia, the Plains Indians, and others,

had lived in harmony with their heart, sacred law

and Mother Earth for tens of thousands of years, 

and therefore did not have diseases such as 

cancer, Aids or even influenza.


They shared in a world of the heart and spirit, 

love, well-being, freedom, belonging and

harmony with Mother Earth.


These ancient ones did not need

hospitals, prisons, universities, 

police, nuclear bombs, plastic surgery,

 alcohol and drug abuse, fences, agriculture,

caging of animals, money or pesticides to

destroy wild plants (weeds) with much

more nutritional and healing energy

than our "cultivated" plants.


Today, traditional healing techniques of native and Aboriginal people such as spiritual healing, healing herbs, traditional ceremonies, etc., while of great value for tens of thousands of years, are no longer sufficient to help communities completely heal the consequences of the loss of their sacred life, which then manifests in diseases, problems such as cancer, Aids, diabetes, alcohol abuse, etc.  


Modern (mind-based) medicine, science, education and conventional government health care, while offering some support on a physical and emotional level, 

do not offer true healing at the core (heart / sharing of sacred life) for the consequences of the loss of the traditional way of life (Sacred Life) of native 
(and non-native) communities and peoples.


"Progress", which is not in harmony 
with the heart and spirit 
of the people, and Mother Earth, 
does not help communities 
to heal or build self-sufficiency 
and true well-being - Sacred Life  -
for the families, children, youth, elders
and their future generations.


Juerg offers support to native healers and communities to heal the consequences of the loss of their sacred way of life  - which then manifests in emotional and  physical problems, diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Aids, heart disease, asthma, alcohol problems, low self worth, depression, etc. 

All dis-eases, disharmonies and imbalances, 
of our body, life and world, 
are the manifestation of the energy 
of our emotions (mind), feelings (heart), 
and the loss, oppression or threat to
our Sacred Life.



"Dreamturtle Sun" Juerg, 1999/2008



Since 1979, Juerg has shared with many native people as far north as the caribou people in the Arctic Circle and St. Lawrence Island (Alaska) and as far south as Hokonui Marae of Gore, in the South Island of New Zealand. 

In a sacred ceremony in 1999, Juerg received his spirit name “Papeschpupe” (Dreamturtle) by the late Buster Yellow Kidney, respected elder and medicine man of the beautiful Blackfoot people in Browning, Montana.

Juerg offers to help people and communities to heal their heart and grow towards a life, which offers true well-being and sustainability for the whole community, families, mothers and fathers, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren,
 future generations and Mother Earth.

He believes it is important for indigenous communities not to simply follow western (mind-based) examples of economic development, agriculture, education, health, etc. which take us away from our heart, community living, sacred life and whole well-being - and instead nurture activities in harmony with the heart, spirit, culture and community of the people  and Mother Earth.



 Conventional business and investments can 
achieve some short-term (material) gain, 
but negative long-term consequences,
because of the loss or compromising of the  
sacred life of the people and 
harmony with Mother Earth.


We believe it is important for the healing 
and whole well-being of communities to reclaim 
as much as possible their self-sufficiency 
in harmony with the heart, spirit and traditional 
culture of the people and Mother Earth"


i.e. through harvesting of wild foods and healing 
plants, authentic arts and crafts, community-based 
health services and healing,
guided nature walks,
 horseback rides, family-based  
sharing / teaching about nature, wild foods, 
traditional cooking, arts and crafts, 
healing plants and traditional life in harmony with 
the community and Mother Earth - for visiting families, 
small groups of people (1 - 6), children and 
students at local/regional schools, 
school camps, etc.

Juerg can build on his 20 years of international marketing, business, 
consulting and management experience in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, 
North America and Asia, and his sharing and healing work over the past 25 years, 
with native cultures and people and communities in the world.


"Love Family", Juerg 2004



Juerg believes that in order to build a sustainable future and true well-being,  
it is crucial that we can heal and share our sacred life,  in harmony with our heart, spirit, culture, all people and Mother Earth.

Harmony and well-being 
of our body, mind, our life and world 
are the manifestation of the energy 
of our emotions (mind), feelings (heart)

from living and sharing
our Sacred Life. 


Juerg and Jaymie are devoted to support and share with people, families and communities of the heart and spirit, of all cultures.

Rainbow Trout with St. Johns wort herbs, 2007

Whenever we stay with a family or community, we love to share 
and celebrate our connection with Mother Earth with the gathering 
and cooking of wild foods and healing plants.

If you or your family, community, healers/ health centre, council, etc., 
are interested in our work,  please
write to us.



If you are interested in a Dreamturtle Gathering: Love, Healing,
our Sacred Life and Mother Earth

Our sweat lodge of our healing retreat in NZ – 
built with the blessings of the late Buster Yellow Kidne

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