What is love and compassion? 



Love is God (energy, consciousness) . At the core, everything comes from love energy. Everything longs to go back to love energy. We, and all there is, are all part of this energy of love, God (energy, consciousness). 

Love is not, to be “nice”, to “give”, “receive”, “do” when at the same time we want “love” or something else in return.




Menhir d’Amour (France 2004) 

We can only share love to the extent WE can FEEL love in our own HEART.

Another person or circumstance can TRIGGER a feeling or emotion, which is ALREADY IN US – and which longs to be healed, i.e. longs to be transformed (through OUR own healing work!) to consciously feeling, being and sharing love and 
our sacred life. 

We are not here by accident, or because of bad karma, we are all here, because we have CHOSEN to be on this amazing journey - over many lifetimes, to consciously GROW (more later...). 




The highest service we can offer each other 
as soul family is to help each other 
heal and grow. 

Unfortunately, such healing and growth 
is always at first unpleasant – 
but then gives us the opportunity 
to consciously heal and grow 
more deeply to love, compassion  
and our whole being. 




The energy of what has not (yet) been consciously felt and healed in us, will attract circumstances and people who trigger what longs for healing and love 
in our heart and life.




Only someone or something which feels 
"opposite/separate” from love (unhealed) 

can trigger what feels "separate" from love
 (unpleasant, unhealed) in us, 

which in our heart and life, longs for healing, 
love, compassion, for our true being
 and our Sacred Life. 




We can push these people, circumstances away, suppress, numb or distract ourselves from the unhealed emotion – we can try to control or “calm” the unpleasant emotion with our mind - but even if we manage to “not” feel these emotions / feelings, the energy is still in us and will continue to attract and co-create all that is in our life, body and world. 




Naturally, we try to avoid feeling what is “the opposite” 
(unpleasant, unhealed) in us and in our life, 
through actions coming from our mind, - 
we try to either avoid the “trigger” 
(person, situation, TV, news, etc.) 
and / or control our emotions, meditate, exercise, work, 
create "stillness", "be in the Now", so that we do not feel 
that which longs for healing, love, compassion 
(i.e. that which remains unhealed, unpleasant) in us and our life!




The sacred purpose of our mind (emotions, illnesses, Alzheimer, etc.), our body (diseases, weaknesses, pain, etc.) and Mother Earth (imbalances) is to show us (!) where we have, and where we have not healed what is in our own heart and life - where we are not truly in harmony with the energy of love in our heart 

and our Sacred Life with all people and Mother Earth! 




"Morning Sky", Juerg 2008 



What is compassion?

NOT to feel sorry or sad for another person, 
animal, tree, etc.! 

When we feel sad or sorry for someone else, 
we are NOT helping the other person to heal -
instead, we bring our own unhealed emotions and feelings
to the person who is already in a challenging position, i.e.

WE then add to the hardship of the person with the energy 
of our own unhealed emotions and experiences! 




When we feel sorry or sad for someone, then our own sadness is being triggered by what we see, hear and experience. 

People who trigger our own feelings of desperation, sadness, feeling helpless, etc. offer us the opportunity to connect with what longs for healing in our own life. 

They offer us the opportunity to connect with our Sacred Sadness, to feel our open heart – and to connect with what longs for healing, love and compassion in our own life.

When we heal what is behind our Sacred Sadness, our capacity to feel love and compassion grows. The more love and compassion we can feel, the more we are able to support others with this (love) energy to heal and grow towards love and our 

Sacred Life in harmony with all people and Mother Earth.




Love we can feel, is the healer of all! 


Everything outside of love (and our Sacred Sadness) is experienced through our mind.

We all long for love, which flows through us and for the love and true being we are, to be RECEIVED fully by others (as Mother Earth does). However, others can only receive such love and our true being to the level they can FEEL love themselves based on what THEY have, or have not, healed in their own heart and life.

Most people long for love from others. Others are afraid of love and avoid relationships or love from a man or woman all together. Or they push away or sabotage the relationship with a person who truly loves them, because they are afraid to get hurt again (as they have been in the past).

Others can only “love”, i.e. share love to the extent they have healed and can truly feel love and compassion for all experiences and people in their own life. Otherwise, we may “act” in a “loving” (kind, generous, considerate, etc.) way, but cannot truly FEEL and share the energy (feeling) of love.




"Sacred", Juerg 2008 

Many people who are hurt, ”fall in love” in what they later feel was the "wrong" person. Such “love” is based on our own need and wishful projection, rather than feeling of the truth in terms of resonance of heart, mind, shared dreams, devotion, 

values, beliefs, work, etc. - of the two people - beings, hearts and souls. 

We then “fall” into a relationship, which is not truly based on resonance and love, but on the (mutual) need and longing to heal what is not love in ourselves and our life!


 So we may co-create yet another unpleasant experience or relationship, until we take responsibility for what we are feeling and what we have yet to heal 

in our own heart and life.  


The people and encounters we attract and co-create in our life (relationships, our boss at work, neighbours, etc.) can reflect and can show us, what we have healed - and what we have not healed - in our own heart and life!



We carry in our heart a diamond (energy) with many facets 
(emotion / feeling connected to core experiences / people in our life). 

We have many opportunities to become aware and consciously transform -  “enlighten” (heal) - each of these facets (energy) to a deeper level 

of feeling, being and sharing love. 

We "enlighten" (heal) each facet through consciously feeling and
transforming at the core, the energy of sadness, anger, hurt, fear, etc. 

to feeling love and compassion for the (first, core) 
person and experience (not the "trigger" in front of us) in our life.




Healing Rose, Juerg 2008


The more we are healing what is in our own heart, body and life – the more we are able to feel, be and share love and compassion for every aspect 

and person in our life!

Sure, we must also stand up for what is “right” and help others (and Mother Earth) if they are being harmed – but to truly HEAL the situation (and not wound the already wounded "aggressor" even more with our own wounded reaction and judgment!) 

and co-create what we long to see in the world, we must also be able to feel love and compassion for the “aggressor”. 

Otherwise, WE create the very same energy of anger, hurt, fear, etc. which has lead to the behavior of the “aggressor” in the first place! 

The reason the person has become “the aggressor”, 
is because he or she has been hurt by another person, 
who was also hurt by another, who was hurt by another, etc. 

The only way to heal this cycle (which repeats itself 
over many generations), is through us healing 
what is in our own heart and life
until WE can truly feel love and compassion
for ALL experiences and people,
including the victim and “the aggressor”.




We are only completely free (heart and soul), when we can truly feel love and compassion for ALL people and hurtful experiences in our life and our world.

As we continue to heal our heart and life and grow in our feeling and sharing of love and compassion, we can devote ourselves and increasingly share our Sacred Life in harmony with all people and Mother Earth – and help to co-create what we truly long to see, feel and share in the world!




Rose of Love, 2008


Love and compassion

is for us to heal 
what is in our heart and life, 
so that we can feel and share love 
with all people and Mother Earth – 


to devote ourselves to feel 
and be true to the feeling of love in our heart
and our Sacred Life in harmony
with the good of all people and Mother Earth.

Are we ready?

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