Why is our world in such chaos? 

Why do we see so much agony, injustice, poverty, famine, wars, 

logging of native forests, etc.?

Why is the earth in such a mess? 



Because we are collectively creating it!

(Please Note: We are not speaking here of people 
who have endured incredible
injustices, violence, abuse and oppression!)

“But, I have not created it!”, you will say, “I am a good person – 

I am doing many good things for other people and nature”. 


Well – yes, maybe with some of our actions, but what are we creating 

with the energy of our thoughts, feelings and emotions - expressed or suppressed?

Everything is energy and everything is connected.

Coastal Sky, Juerg Dreamturtle, 2003 

What our mind sees and experiences is only the outer layer of the truth. 
Energy is the real truth. Our emotions and feelings (whether we feel them or not!) are part of and (co-) create the energy of all.

War, injustice, intolerance, judgment, frustration, anger, fear, etc. are created every moment we feel anger, frustration, judgment, intolerance, feeling helpless, overpowered, alone, unworthy, unfeeling, etc.

When such an emotion is triggered in us, e.g. when a country is being invaded, an animal is hurt, ancient forests are logged – when any situation, event, person or circumstance triggers an emotion of frustration, anger, feeling helpless, being sad, hurt, etc., then we create the same energy, which manifests in the very events we judge or are angry about! 

This does not mean we do not stand up for love, peace and justice in the world, but we make sure we do so with a feeling, open, loving and compassionate heart, 

and not from a reaction from our own unhealed past experiences and wounds!

Can one person create war if the rest of the world feels only love and acts, lives and shares in resonance with that love? Of course not – war and any other act of non-love can only be created through the energy of non-love (emotions and feelings of hurt, anger, fear, etc. and our resulting thoughts) of many people!


Every time we are angry, we fuel the energy of anger, 
frustration, violence, war and abuse.

Every time we are afraid, we fuel the energy of fear.

Every time we feel nothing, we fuel the energy of apathy 
and non-compassion.

Every time we are ignorant, we fuel the energy of ignorance.

Every time we judge, we fuel the energy of judgment, 
discrimination and separation.

Every time we react from non-love, we fuel the energy of non-love 
and all that is created from it.



We then fuel the very energy in our life and in the world, which is behind all that we do not like to see: wars, famine, injustice, racism, intolerance, apathy, etc. as well as our disharmony and disconnection with Mother Earth, which manifests in global warming, draughts, tsunamis, deforestation, etc.

And yes, we can tell ourselves to be and do “good”, to not be angry, not be afraid, to be "at peace", to meditate, visualize, "empower" ourselves, etc. 


But how are we truly feeling, when we take off our armour, our mask, our “protection” around our heart (based on which our heart is closed and we cannot heal or feel love!), which we create so that we do not feel our sacred sadness and we do not feel the truth. And so we do not feel our sadness, when we do not live in harmony with our heart, the good of all and Mother Earth.

In order for us to co-create and share the energy of love, we must be able to truly feel love! And of course only with our heart can we feel love – we cannot imagine love, we cannot visualize love with our mind and we cannot replace love or buy love (thank God!). We have to work on ourselves and truly be devoted to heal the many facets of the diamond in our heart (past experiences and emotions) to 

deeply feeling, being and sharing love and compassion.

It is not just about feeling love for what we “want” or “like”, but about being, sharing love, and being true to this love in every aspect of our life, with every person 

and Mother Earth!




This is the time




Central Otago Sunrise, Juerg 2003


This is the time to wake-up and make our choice to heal and grow

towards love and our Sacred Life in harmony with our heart,

the good of all people and Mother Earth.

The earth and all of us are being flooded with energy. 


This is increasing the energy of all – both the energy of love and 

all the energy of all other emotions and feelings, 

to help us became aware of what longs for love and healing 

in our own heart and life!

How much does it take for us to – completely and deeply – work through all 

that is in our heart and life to feeling, being and sharing love, 

compassion, freedom, wisdom and our Sacred Life? 

Let us embrace our own inner work of healing of our heart and life, 

in every aspect, for the good of all. 

Are we ready?



"One", by Juerg and Jaymie 2008

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Copyright Juerg Dreamturtle 2008