Savouring wild foods of Mother Earth




Cental Otago Wild Fruit Tart and Wild Weeds


Mother Earth’s Sacred Gifts

Can we slow down - listen, see and feel
Mother Earth’s wisdom and love 
all around us?

She needs no barriers,
builds no fences,
hides behind no walls


She never discriminates or judges,
but shares her abundance

freely with all

In return, she only asks that we embrace her
with our open, feeling heart

and only receive what we truly need.

Can we be humble, grateful

and honour, every day,

her sacred gifts?

Can we open our heart and being
to be One again

with our sacred Mother Earth?

Jaymie and Juerg






Birthday Cakes for Sybill & Dominik (Juerg's children)




Juerg collecting wild herbs, France 2015


Eierschwammerl, Austria 2015




Wherever they can, Juerg and Jaymie spend time in nature, gathering 
and cooking with wild foods and herbs. 


They love to cook on small open fires where possible in nature.




"We love to collect wild forest and meadow mushrooms for soups, risottos, pizzas and delicious pasta dishes in autumn. We love to collect wild berries and fruits to make jams and chutney’s, fruit tarts and other deserts.  We dry and roast dandelion roots and healing herbs for teas and collect nettles, mallow, plantain, chickweed, yarrow, dandelion, baby thistles, wild fennel, wild parsley and other wild plants for delicious salads, soups, pestos and stir-frys."



First Spring Salad with dandelion, nettles and tissane flowers


Rainbow Trout with St John's wort herbs 
for smoking over wood fire




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