Working with Juerg





Juerg helps us to understand, heal and grow 

from the challenges in our life.


He offers guidance to recognize the opportunity

at the core of our experiences and how we can

 listen to the messages of our heart, mind, body, 

relationships, life - and Mother Earth.


He encourages us to go beyond limitations of our mind,

human perceptions, judgments and reactions,

 and create from our heart with love and soul wisdom.


He helps us to heal our heart and recognise

 the value of every relationship and experience 

from a soul level and our Sacred Journey.


Juerg inspires us to honour the dream of our heart

to heal and create together a Sacred Life
of love, compassion, freedom, well-being 
and harmony with all people and Mother Earth.




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Juerg offers guidance and support for

  children, teenagers, adults, 

communities, organisations and nations.

Over the past 30 years, Juerg Dreamturtle
has also shared and offered support 
for leaders, elders and medicine people 
of many backgrounds and cultures.



Support for leaders, medicine people 
and communities of all cultures

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